Buy Walnut Wood Slab Table

Wood Fusion’s Walnut Slab Tables¬†are a best seller. The reason every high level designer, and high end customer wants Walnut as the primary wood species for their table is due to its rare high quality. Wood is graded by its beauty and grain. The beautiful grain of walnut is rich, deep, and dark. The edges have a beautiful lighter tone giving an excellent contrast to the wider slab options. These pieces are deeply admired by other parts of the world because these trees only grow in certain regions,¬†mainly being Eastern United States. Often times trees die due to drought, freezing, or are cut down to to being in a hazardous area. Instead of these massive beauties being thrown into a wood chipper and burned, we are turning them into masterpieces. Day in and day out Wood Fusion is reclaiming otherwise dead trees to produce some of the most amazing one of a kind slab tables the world has seen. Enjoy the amazing rare beauty in these wood slab table pieces and cherish their quality for a lifetime.


walnut wood slab tables

To finish such a product from the beginning stages until it is in the home is an amazing feat. From falling the tree, to slabbing it, to drying it, Wood Fusion does it all. Each piece of walnut slab table that is slabbed must go through a length drying process. It takes 1 year for each inch of thickness to air dry. We like to air dry wood slab table as it provides for the most beautifully ages pieces. You can imagine that once you receive your dining table it has previously been a tree for about a hundred years, dried for 2 to 3 years, and hand worked on for weeks. We take pride in our process and love sharing the passion for our product with others. If you are an interior designer you may have seen us at the following shows around the States; The Las Vegas Market, Dwell on Design LA, The Beverly Hills Art Show, and more. For more information on this kind of a walnut slab table please contact us at (682) 514-9663