Buy Designer Walnut Dining Tables

At Wood Fusion, we strive for absolute excellence. When you are searching for a Walnut Dining Table you too are striving for excellence. Walnut is by far the premier wood that we work with and most high end choice of lumber that we offer our clients. Walnut grows very tall, wide, and also leaves it limbs behind at a very early stage of its life. This means it is a tight grain, no knots, and looks very clean. The beautiful dark rich colors that the black walnuts will bring are gorgeous. They leave a beautiful tone which cannot be matched by any other wood besides walnut. The quality of walnut is great and having a dining table made from it is something spectacular. Our tables from walnut are completely different from any you have seen and we are so passionate about it.

walnut wood slab tables

The sizes of the walnut slabs that we get in our inventory are massive. We often receive walnut slabs which are over 20ft Long. We recently have installed two 16ft Bar tops in the world famous Topaz Mountain Winery in Ojai, CA. Projects like these are what inspire us and challenge us to go further. The thickness of the walnut which we use for our dining tables is up to the client to decide, however we recommend about 3 inches thick of solid wood. The reason we recommend this thickness is because when we create masterpieces we like to make statements. It is easy to make a huge impact with a large one of a kind piece. Once we start adding in design elements our walnut dining tables go from standard to outstanding. We are always raising the bar with design and present our clients with new inspiration and ideas all the time.

walnut wood slab table

You can see examples of an exquisite walnut dining table that we have created recently on this page. Often times when a wider dimension is required than what the wood can naturally cover, we find ourselves providing a common solution. It is known as Book-matching. We take two slabs which were halved from one larger slab. We then open the slab like a book into two matching pieces side by side, hence book-matched. This makes for an unbelievable aesthetic and super beautiful table. The reason it looks so amazing is due to the exact symmetry presented through the piece. Since both slabs are being matched side by side, they have the same exact character on one side as there is on the other. It is a gorgeous element of design where for some it would be a problem, for us it’s an opportunity.

Wood Fusion loves bringing your ideas to life and we truly enjoy every part of the process. From sourcing the trees, to meeting with collaborative designers, we handle it all with passion and enthusiasm. Please call Wood Fusion today so we can help you get started on the walnut dining table of your dreams.