Handcrafted Solid Wood Dining Table

Wood Fusion carries some of the most reliable, durable and luxurious pieces in the interior design industry. We credit our quality of work to our experience, craftsmanship, and relentless dedication to a job well done. When you are looking to purchase a solid wood dining table there are a few key factors that you must focus on. The wood source must be a high quality wood to begin with. At our company we handle every part of the process when it comes to making your table. We start by hand selecting the trees we work with. Unlike other companies that will take quantity over quality, Wood Fusion works vigorously to choose only the premier cuts for your projects. To begin with, the trees which we use are all air dried. This ensures for a consistent piece with less cracking, splitting, and variability. When we begin to work on your solid wood dining table this gives us confidence that it will be solid all the way through and be ready to function as you wish.

Reclaimed wood dining table

The thickness at which we cut our wood separates us from the rest. We try our best to do the exact opposite of what traditional lumber companies will do. Instead of maximizing the amount of lumber we get, we are maximizing the size of the lumber we get. This means instead of flimsy planks, we are cutting very thick and massive pieces to be used for very special one of kind projects. We have solid pieces which come in huge sizes. We have done a solid wood dining table for a very large villa in Southern California up to 24ft Long before from one piece. These projects are not unusual for us and we are very capable at performing them with the best quality, services, and craftsmanship available in today’s market.

Dining Table made of Solid Wood

When you begin to search for the table of your dreams we recommend you start by finding inspiration. When you find a picture or a scene in a movie, maybe a magazine that might inspire you to dream of your ideal dining table, we ask you keep it for your records. This helps us so much during the design phase. We love to connect with our designers and clients to the fullest potential to ensure we are sharing a similar vision. The Dining Tables we create are done only from 100% solid wood. When you sit around a solid wood dining table for the first time you will begin to feel the vibrations and strong sense of belonging. It is a beautiful thing when you sit in your home to enjoy an amazing meal around a table that was once a living organism. To have a tree transformed into a one of a kind piece of art for your home or business makes an impact like no other.

Wood Fusion would love to help bring your project to life. Please contact us to get started today.