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Wood Fusion is the leader in providing the interior design industry with the most exquisite and one of kind natural wood tables. Our teams of craftsmen have been working with wood for their entire careers. We specialize in picking the proper trees that have already died from drought, freezing weather, hurricanes, or unfavorable urban conditions. It hurts us to see trees being cut down and thrown away. Our goal is to remain 100% sustainable and we are very proud that we are. By saving the dead trees and repurposing them we maintain a very organic look and feel to our products. Our promise to put the nature into your life, without taking the life out of the nature.

Modern office wood table

Our company handles the whole production and design process from A to Z. Our process starts by sourcing the fallen trees and bringing them to our warehouse. Then we take our time cutting slabs from the trees in various thicknesses. Then we must air dry the slabs one year for every inch of thickness. At this point we keep the wood stored in our inventory until a client orders a piece. We then go through our inventory to find the piece that will work perfect for the project. After signing off on the slab we move onto the design phase. This is a ton of fun for both us and the client. Figuring out how to bring your vision to life is what we do best. Time after time we provide quality work with our natural wood tables.

Natural Wood Dining Table

We are constantly raising the bar in design and can’t wait to show our clients their finished products. When you shop for a table of this magnitude it is not simple. Stores do not carry products like this as they are completely custom and one of a kind. Finding someone local with the proper experience with natural wood table is key to creating your own masterpiece. Wood Fusion would love to help create your next piece for your home. We specialize in a variety of furniture products and we are very enthusiastic about our work. The level of passion we carry every day transcends through our work and right into your natural wood table. Contact Wood Fusion for any inquiries on your next one of a kind piece. We are here waiting for your call and would love to help you. We look forward to helping you.