Custom Design Live Edge Dining Table

The Live Edge Dining Tables that Wood Fusion creates represent months of hand crafted passion and years of mother nature. Enjoy rare beauty when you admire a large piece by Wood Fusion. We create custom designs for all of our clients no matter how big or small the project. We work with many interior designer across the United States to bring the most beautiful ideas to life. Explore our vision with some pictures below and enjoy knowing that Wood Fusion is 100% sustainable. With our Live Edge Dining Table we promise to put the nature into your life without taking life out of the nature.

Natural Wood Dining TableLive edge dining tables are becoming a first choice for interior designers and are easily one of the most popular selections for modern home decorators. Our beautiful one of kind tables add warmth and natural beauty to your home.

Our dining tables are known to make an impression on those stepping foot into your living room by bringing life and style to any dining area. These tables create curiosity and amazement for guests entering your home. The beauty captured in our live edge dining tables showcase the natural essence of the wood grain, which is rarely seen in retail furniture stores.

We retain the natural edge of the wood to bring a lively and organic feel to your home. Our craftsmen leave the wood in its pure state with its flowing edges and character to embrace each individual identity. Each piece of wood tells a story, no two pieces in the world are ever the same. We can recreate any table that catches your eye with the same species of wood and furniture design, however the character will always be one of a kind.

Another great advantage is that our furniture is Eco friendly. We reclaim trees that were cut down due to hazards, droughts, or sustainable forestry practices. We create a new purpose for these exquisite gifts of nature that become rare heirlooms.

The Desire to own a live edge table comes from the durability that the everlasting beautiful wood provides. From its colors to its grains, our pieces have an astonishing personality of their own.

Our passion for wood and design drives us to properly collect, cut, style, and finish wood to provide you with a high-end exclusive piece of living furniture. The slabs of wood go through a particular process of preparation before they make it to your home. After we collect your customized wood from our local resources, our team of wood masters carefully creates your dream table.

Don’t miss out on the latest interior trend, and modernize your home with a custom one of a kind dining table made just for you. Our state of the art craftsman passionately fuse wood and design to create magnificent tables of any color or size you desire with a wide array of different table legs to choose from.

Pricing for our live edge dining tables vary depending on the type of wood, size, characteristics, and base of the table. Check out our pictures below, and fill out this form for a quote or call us for more information.

For more information on these dining tables please contact us. (682) 514-9663