Wooden & Reclaimed Wood Bar Tables

Wood Fusion Wooden and Reclaimed wood bar Tables are each hand made inside the United States by a team of hard working and passionate word masters. Each part of The Wood Fusion team performs at a high level with the pure ambition of making the best pieces of natural wood furniture in the world. We take pride in each piece we create and we love to help interior designers, architects, and contractors design beautiful bars and restaurants across the country. Take a look at some of our wood bar table designs below.

wooden bar table

Our one of a kind work expresses a deep passion that Wood Fusion has to create 100% sustainable furniture for bars across America. We understand the great feeling of sitting with friends and family to enjoy a meal around a beautiful reclaimed wood bar table. We want you to enjoy the same feeling every time you sit to eat or drink. Life is made of memories and our company specializes in bringing them to life. By taking trees that are already dead and repurposing them to be used as wooden bar tables, we are keeping our work environmentally friendly.

reclaimed bar top

reclaimed wood table bar

We work with the biggest interior designers in the states to collaborate on beautiful high end projects. Every time we get on board with a project we bring unmatched enthusiasm, quality, and customer service to the table. Our joy for providing excellent quality work comes from a team of dedicated and passionate craftsmen. Each member of our team is fully dedicated to making the most beautiful wood products possible. Contact us today to enjoy your next reclaimed wood bar table by Wood Fusion. We would love to help bring your idea to life. There is no project too big or too small for us. We takes pride in the amazing wooden bar┬átable that we make for bars all across America. Put your vision in to play with our company’s help. Choose your favorite wood species, style, and design.

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