Eco-friendly stamp

About Us

Wood Fusion pieces are all one of a kind and handmade by a team of passionate and dedicated craftsmen & designers. The natural beauty of these designs tell their own story as the uniqueness of the wood grain and patterns naturally attract the human eye.

We do not cut down trees or work with others that destroy nature’s life for the benefit of their own. We are completely eco friendly and we only reclaim trees that were cut down due to hazards, droughts, or sustainable forestry practices. We take pride in creating a new purpose for these exquisite gifts of nature that become everlasting heirlooms.

Enjoy owning a piece of history and feel the one of a kind ambience that Wood Fusion brings to your life. Pricing for our pieces vary depending on the  individual character, wood species, size, and base.

Wood Fusion is 100% sustainable and totally one of a kind. 

We Promise to put the nature into your life without taking the life out of the nature.